Current Bookings calendar
Click on the calendar above to view current room bookings.

Booking Events at the Commons Click "Facilities" on the main menu above to see photos of various rooms in the main building. The rental fees are kept at a minimum to foster use by any not-for-profit group or individual; fees are used to help defray utility costs.

The rental costs are as follows:
   Upstairs Large Room: $10/hr or $60/day
   Upstairs Small Room: $5/hr or $30/day
   Upstairs Kitchen: $5 flat fee with rental of another room
   Office: $5/hr or $30/day

Some PHC rooms are available evening & weekends only.
   PHC Dining Room: $10/hr or $60/day
   PHC Kitchen: $5/hr or $30/day

Please check the calendar (click on the calendar in the margin) and find a suitable day and time for your event and then contact the Commons Bookings as this will save numerous back and forth emails.

To request a booking, the preferred method is to send an email to bookings[at] If email is not possible you can phone 247-9977 and leave a message with your name, contact information and requested booking. Please complete the Rental Agreement.

Commons Kitchen Booking
All inquiries about renting the kitchen, fees, and times available, etc. should be sent to bookings[at] The rental costs are as follows:
   Hourly: $20
   Half day: $50
   Full day: $100
   Refundable cleaning fee: $60
   Cleaning fee for large events: $100

Garden Allotments The Commons has allotment gardens in three locations, north and south fields on the Commons and at Namaste Farm on South Road. For information about the availability of garden plots and wait lists, contact: