The commons is the sum of all that we inherit together and must pass on, undiminished, to our heirs.
Peter Barnes, author

Photo by Bill Pope
The Gabriola Commons Charter
The Gabriola Commons is intended as a source of ecological and community well-being that exists in perpetuity for the benefit of the people of Gabriola Island and the land on which it is situated.

As a source of well-being, the Gabriola Commons contributes to our sense of community, of belonging, and of our bonds to one another and the land. It draws the community in, and brings the people of the community closer to each other. It is a space for creativity and justice, for art and learning, and for fairness and openness.

The Gabriola Commons demonstrates ways to enhance sustainability, to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity, and to promote equity both on this island and in the world.

The land includes a number of significant natural gifts and community amenities in one contiguous property: rich wildlife habitats; a pond and wetland area; open vistas and meadows; cedar groves and forests; pathways linking neighbourhoods; a rural agricultural heritage and landscape for farming and gardening; indoor gathering places for community celebrations and events, for solitude and sanctuary, performance and festivity.

The property of the Gabriola Commons is a gift from an earlier generation that we in turn must pass on, undiminished and enriched, to those who follow us.
[May 21, 2008; Revised September 22, 2012]

Guiding Principles for the Gabriola Commons

[GC Foundation Bylaws, Part 1, 3 - June 2009; Revised September 22, 2012]