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The commons is the sum of all that we inherit together and must pass on, undiminished, to our heirs.
Peter Barnes, author

Our Connections to the Community
The Gabriola Commons strives to benefit our community and exists because of the efforts of many community members. On this page, you will find a list of (1) annual community events on the Commons, (2) community groups using the Commons, (3) collaborations/partnerships with the Commons, (4) businesses supporting the Commons, and (5) musicians who have donated their time and talents for the Commons.
(If you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know by emailing the details to info[at]

1. Annual Community Events on the Commons

The following events occur regularly at the approximate times listed. Specific dates will be advertised on this website, by email distribution and in the local media.

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2. Community Groups/Organizations using the Commons

There are many community groups and organizations that use the facilities at the Commons on a regular basis or occasionally as needed.

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3. Community Collaborations/Partnerships

The Gabriola Commons works together with a number of organizations whose interests overlap with our guiding principles of ecological sustainability, social sustainability and community service.

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4. Businesses & Organizations Supporting the Commons

Gabriola businesses, clubs and artists are important for our island. A healthy and sustainable community requires employment opportunities, community service and local people to spend their money locally. Please support our community by supporting local businesses, artists and organizations. The best internet list of local businesses, clubs, organizations, artists and much more is Bob Derksen's Gabriola Web Directory.
The following businesses and clubs, listed in alphabetical order, have provided valuable support to the Gabriola Commons. Thank you!

Trades & Services Fair Donors

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5. Musicians Supporting the Commons

We all know that many Gabriola musicians are very generous in providing their talents for many different fundraising activities. We thank all of the following musicians for their contribution to the success of the Commons.

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