Current Trustees & Roles (2017-18)
Bob Andrew
Judith Plant
Allie Charron
Deb Ferens
David Chorneyko
PHC Liaison
Judith Plant
Nominating Committee
Allie Charron
Danielle Artuso
Privacy Officer
Deb Ferens
Member at large
Don Smardon

Photo by Maureen Wild

Covenant Group
The covenant group is creating the document that will hold, protect and steward the property as a public amenity for the use and enjoyment of Gabriolans in perpetuity. A commons covenant will enshrine not only the land and its buildings, but also the vision of the Commons as detailed in the Commons' Charter.

Part of the creation of a covenant involves establishing a baseline report that will include photo evidence accumulating on our Flickr site.

The Gabriola Commons Foundation (GCF) is a registered charitable society whose activities are directed by a Board consisting of nine elected trustees. A Field Guide to the Governance of the Gabriola Commons (pdf, 553 kB) is available that includes background information about the Gabriola Commons Foundation as well as a complete set of all GCF Policies.]

The purposes of GCF are to:
Board Goals and Priority Activities GCF Constitution and Bylaws The current Constitution and Bylaws of GCF are available for you to view and/or download. To view the minutes of our last Annual General Meeting and past AGMs, click here. GCF Financial Documents The GCF fiscal year end is March 31st. You can click below to view the unaudited financial statement for the last fiscal year.