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Green Spaces

Enjoy & help care for the forest and meadows, trails & labyrinth and actions fostering biodiversity.

Food Growing

Help tend the apples, blueberries, haskaps & figs in the orchard, and grow vegetables for workbee lunchs in the Kitchen Garden.

Rent one of 70 allotment gardens for your family.

Cultural, social & work spaces

Rent space in the Main House, community kitchen, or outdoors. 

Help maintain and operate these spaces.

Saturday work bees

Saturdays | 10am – Noon

Help with seasonal work, repairs and occasional larger work projects. Great entry point to Commons and what sharing this space & responsibility for it means.

Latest Posts from the Gabriola Commons

The Commons forest trails in distress

The Commons forest trails in distress

The beautiful trails through the Commons woods are one of the hidden or largely undiscovered treasures of the village core. And they’re suffering for this.

A couple of months ago, a first Commons trail map was created.

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Your Gabriola Commons is

Participant Driven

Want to get involved?  Come and meet some great people of the Commons and be part of the legacy.

100% Gabriolan

The Gabriola Commons exists in perpetuity for the benefit of the land and the people of Gabriola including future generations, not favouring one generation over another.

26 Acres of Protected Land

The Gabriola Commons is a unique property set aside in perpetuity for the benefit of both the people of Gabriola and the land itself.

Specifically zoned as a community commons, it is truly a place where “land and people meet” – to grow and prepare food, to make connections through talking, walking or performing, to observe species in a protected ecology, or to work on a project or the land.

Come for a unique experience and a contribution to a promising future.