The two leaders of the project were Pollen Heath and Lisa Butler.   Pollen and Lisa were both the designers and animators of the workshop.They were able, with their commitment and wonderful energy to attract a large number of people of all ages to come for a series of weekends to squish a mix of clay, sand, water and straw between their bare toes.

The project began with a need to protect a fig tree from the cool wind and provide a surface reflecting back the heat of the sun.

So…a wall.  And in such a position! – visible from the entrance into the parking lot, that all would see it.

So…a “donors’ wall (with plaques thanking those who have given both money and time to help grow the Commons).

And Pollen and Lisa took it from there.There are many many photos of the wall out there.  (People are even noting that tourists to Gabriola are now posing for photos in front of it!