The Gabriola Commons invites you to meet with

Alison Smith

On Homelessness

2:00 pm Saturday, March 2nd | Rollo Centre

Homelessness is hidden on Gabriola, and until recently has been hidden from the public. Communities all over the Province (and country) are experiencing the challenges we also face.

We invite Alison Smith to help us understand our homeless situation, and possible ways forward for our Island Community

Alison Smith volunteered in a homeless shelter in East Vancouver when she was a graduate student at UBC. Today, she is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, where her research focuses on housing, homelessness, inequality and social protection.

In 2022, Dr. Smith published Multiple Barriers: The Multilevel Governance of Homelessness in Canada. According to the University of Toronto Press, the book “explores the forces that shape intergovernmental and multilevel governance dynamics to help better understand why, despite the best efforts of community and advocacy groups, homelessness remains as persistent as ever.”