written by Heather Menzies

The Commons has created its first ever trail map, in time for Earth Day.  Celebrate by clipping it out, following it and entering what might become a deepening relationship with the Commons woods and meadows, and all the beings that live within this expanse of nature bordering the village core.

If entering via Huxley Park, take a left at the Huxley Skateboard sign, pass the first of the Commons “you are here” trail map posts, meander between some cedars and emerge into a meadow. If you go left, try to identify some of the 13 species of native berry that live in the meadow. If you keep straight on, you enter a rich mix of fir and cedar, with some alder interspersed. The right fork takes you slightly uphill through mostly fir trees, then curves left into another open space. Across it, the trail slopes downhill again and, at the left fork, curves around and brings you through a stretch of woods, with alder on the left and a lovely cedar grove on the right. The trail then veers right and over a board bridge, past more of the cedar grove and into an open area dotted with fir trees. Be mindful of the roots — the ankles, arch and toes of these precious trees—and veer to the right where the trail takes you out into open meadow with a stone labyrinth on one side.

Take a moment to relax on one of the memorial benches overlooking it, savoring the bird and frog song coming from the pond and wetlands just beyond the fringe of fir trees. Then stand at the entrance to the labyrinth and, as the guidelines posted there suggest, set your ‘intention’ around this Earth Day and do a walking meditation through its ancient spirals.