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Protecting our Diverse Ecosystems for future generations


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With connecting pathways, open vistas, meditative spaces, and vibrant growing areas, the Gabriola Commons offers the island comunity an opportunity to enjoy nature and to join in the stewardship of threatened species and protected ecosystems.  

Ecological Reserve

The Commons is part of the very rare BC Coastal Douglas Fir Moist Maritime Zone and it contains two sensitive ecosystems known respectively as ‘mature forest’ and ‘wetland.”

The seasonal Goodhue Creek and its riparian area nourish a large pond which is part of the largest watershed area on the island.

One key purpose in stewarding the land is to protect and sustain these areas for future generations, both as part of the restful diversity of the area and as a wildlife corridor where plant and animal species build and clean the soil, recycle nutrients, and pollinate nearby crops.

Restoration of Native Species

The Gabriola Commons property (26 acres) includes agricultural land, meadows and forests.

Like many other properties on the Gulf Islands, non-native plant species (such as Daphne laureola, Scotch broom and gorse) are prevalent and often take over a local ecosystem, displacing native species. Commons Daphne requires continued removal before the planting of native species can take place.

Thanks to a Wal-Mart Evergreen Green Grant, most invasive species will be removed and replaced by native plants. This work is being conducted by the Trails & Green Spaces Team and many volunteers including school children and seasonal campers from Camp Miriam as part of their community services program.

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Trails and Greenspaces

Trails run east/west and north/south on the Commons and are well marked.

Walking conditions vary from boardwalk and well used trails to narrow paths with roots and sometimes wet conditions.

Dogs are welcome but please pick up after them and keep them leashed to protect the flora and fauna.

Commons Trail Map (pdf)

Be part of our Trails and Greenspaces Team!

The Trails and Green Spaces Team mandate is:

  • To identify and protect the undeveloped “green spaces” on the Gabriola Commons through mapping of the diverse ecosystems.
  • To recognize specific areas such as the marshland around the pond as ecological reserves and propose limited means of access.
  • To develop trails carefully, permitting access through selected areas in a way that respects the environment by restricting passage to the pathway.
  • To identify and take action against harmful invasive species and promote the planting of native over non-native species.


If you are interested in the identification and protection of ecosystem, join the Trails and Green Spaces team.

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