Gabriola Commons COVID-19 Phase 3 Plan (Now to October 8, 2020)

The Gabriola Commons is committed to upholding a safe and careful approach to Phase 3 as recommended by the BC government (BC’s Restart Plan) and best practice guidelines from the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC). Our collective vigilance is critical in minimizing the risks of transmission on our island and keeping all of us healthy and connected in community during this unprecedented historical event.

As it would apply to the Commons, a Safe Operating Plan according to the BC government Restart Plan and BCCDC includes:

  • Maintaining physical distancing (staying 2 meters apart -no handshakes, hugs, touching
  • Providing hand washing stations or hand sanitizer if this is not feasible
  • Staying home if you are feeling ill or think you may have been exposed to the virus
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of public settings
  • Indoor meeting spaces must accommodate 2 meter physical distancing, the limited exchange of paper products; management of the flow of people to one-way so people are not crossing paths (eg, on stairways or hallways).
  • Posting of Covid-related precautions, restrictions and safety requirements in public spaces.

A safe operating plan with the above information has been posted in pertinent spaces on the Commons.

The Covid Task Force (CTF) notes that:

  • the layout of the upstairs in the farmhouse cannot meet the spacing and flow requirements
  • the Commons is limited in its capacity and resources to ensure that a thorough safety plan can be maintained
  • the Commons is not set up nor able to monitor compliance with the necessary measures.The CTF therefore suggests the following framework for Covid Phase 3 on the Commons:


  • The following buildings will remain closed (no access to the general public for rental/meeting spaces): Farmhouse; Workshop; Pottery Space; Goat Barn.
  • Restricted use of the Community Kitchen for preparing food(considered essential service); only former renters who know and maintain stringent cleaning directives to CDC requirements will be using the CK. The Kitchen Stewards will continue to oversee approvals and use.
  • Community Kitchen bathroom to be used ONLY for CK renters, GERTIE drivers and during workbees. Cleaning and disinfection after every use; cleaning and sanitizing instructions are posted in that bathroom and tools and solutions are supplied. The posted log of cleanings to be checked off by users.
  • The Workshop will be available for Commons workbees and at other times by Property Stewardship Team (PST) as needed for Commons repairs and maintenance purposes. All CDC recommendations to be implemented(distancing, handwashing, etc.).

All holders of Commons Memoranda of Understanding should please provide their Phase 3plans to the Commons Trustees.

Outdoor Spaces

Given the benefits of nature and outdoor activities,where it is easier to maintain physical distancing, the Gabriola Commons provides healthy and special outdoor spaces for small gatherings and recreation: open grassy fields, the labyrinth, forest trails, a boardwalk. We hope that Gabriolans will see the Commons as a place to visit occasionally as families and small groups (socially distanced as appropriate) as a place of gentle solitude when needed and a place to enjoy the natural environment and landscape

Community Gardens, farming and subsistence agriculture are considered essential services. South Gardeners, North Gardeners, Namaste and various other gardeners/growers/teams on the land are encouraged farm and garden while adhering to the guidelines of physical distancing, hand washing, cleaning surfaces & tools, etc.

Other Notes

Commons Workbees: Stewardship of the grounds &buildings and projects such as the reservoir remain a priority so workbees will beongoing; Covid precautions apply.

Food on the Commons: Though we all miss the Saturday workbee soup lunches, special cleanings of the CK and complexities of adequate disinfection of the house kitchen mean that no kitchen will be availabl during workbees. CTF suggests that lunches be maintained using alternatives such as sandwiches catered by Roberts or Nesters, etc