A new Goat Barn Team is pursuing a comprehensive repurposing of the Commons Goat Barn to see it emerge as a functional community performance, rehearsal, storage, multipurpose cultural and recreational space. Drawing on their own experience in the Gabriola arts and performance scene, they also envisage the building itself becoming a canvas for community art.


I: Short Term: Empty Box:

  • clean up the space;
  • find ways to better separate the inside space from the element outside;
  • canvas other users of this space plus the Timber Frame, Reservoir Stage and Poetry Yurt about next steps in improving usefulness of the goat barn
  • explore GAC’s inventory of media-arts equipment and the possibilities of its being used in the goat barn
  • identify issues such as how to manage bookings and ensure cross-communications with other people handling bookings for other Commons venues like the Community Kitchen, Timber Frame….


II: Medium Term: Box with equipment:

  • pursue additional upgrades such as ways to block off the windows when needed.
  • explore using GAC equipment to enhance useability of the Goat Barn space
  • explore being able to store sound and other equipment securely on site
  • begin conversations about cost-recovery vs. commercial models of operation within the Commons framework
  • explore updating fire department regulations on crowd capacity
  • explore seismic testing and an engineering assessment of potential to upgrade existing building into a performing arts centre.
  • ongoing consultation with arts and culture community on priorities for expanding/transforming the space.


III: Long Term: Transforming Goat Barn into Cultural Centre/Performing Arts Centre:

  •  broad consultation with the community around uses of and design options for transformed space
  • building a robust project team to pursue this huge undertaking;
  • fund raising etc.