Privacy Policy

Date: May 27, 2009
Revisions (date): August 18, 2020

The Foundation respects an individual’s right to privacy and operates in compliance with The Personal Information and Protection Act of BC (PIPA). Personal information includes any information about an identifiable individual, such as name, postal and email address, or personal telephone number. Business contact information is not considered as personal information and is therefore not protected.

Our commitment to privacy includes ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of personal information, and allowing individuals to access and correct any information.

Collection, Use and Disclosure

The Foundation normally collects personal information directly from the person to whom the information pertains; however, we may also receive your personal information from a third party when you have provided consent to this party (for example Canada Helps). Typically the Foundation collects personal information from membership, donation, and participation forms.

The Foundation uses personal information to communicate by email or postal mail with members and donors for the purposes of:

  1. distribution of seasonal newsletters,
  2. notification of events,
  3. requests for donations or volunteers,
  4. maintenance of accurate accounting records for financial purposes,
  5. organization of resources and projects to assist in the development of the Commons
  6. and issuance of charitable tax receipts.

Any individual member or donor can request to remain anonymous or to opt out of some or all communication from the Foundation.

The Foundation does not lend, sell, or trade any personal information with any other organization or individual.


If personal information is provided, whether electronically or in writing, it will be stored in a secure location. Portions of this information—specifically name, address, phone number, email, and team membership—will be used only by designated people within the Foundation. Personal financial information (such as donation amounts and banking information) will only be accessed by the Treasurer or delegate, Privacy Officer, and any other person specifically designated by the Board to prepare reports and accounting.

Access and Correction

Individuals may submit a written request to the Privacy Officer to:

  1. provide them with their personal information under control of the Foundation;
  2. provide information about how their personal information has been and is being used;
  3. request a correction to their personal information;
  4. request a removal of all their personal information.


Privacy Officer
Gabriola Commons Foundation
675 North Rd, P.O. Box 94
Gabriola BC V0R 1X0


Privacy Officer

The Trustees will appoint a Privacy Officer to be responsible for ensuring that the Foundation complies with the PIPA. Specifically, the Privacy Officer will be responsible for disseminating the purposes for the collection of personal information, for answering any individual’s questions about this collection, and for providing, correcting or removing any personal information at the request of an individual.

The Privacy Officer’s contact information will be provided on the Foundation’s web site, on the print copies of the Privacy Policy stored in the Foundation office, and on request by an individual via phone, postal mail or email to the Foundation.