• Host or rent space for public meetings/gatherings
  • Host or rent space for nonprofit social services agencies offering community services (food depot and programs, employment services etc.)
  • Emergency reception area and emergency accommodation- Day care/senior drop-in- Office space for community nonprofits ( Gabriola Recreation Society, GESS)- Educational courses/programs
  • Craft fairs/flea markets
  • Exhibition – art, museum disiplays
  • Weddings
  • Church services
  • Private parties
  • Potential for single family residential use maintained (from AG zoning) either in main house or in separate location


  • Maintenance and repair shop for operating and managing the lands and buildings
  • Storage of owner tools and equipment
  • Rental storage for community nonprofit groups
  • Educational courses and workshops
  • Social enterprise initiatives by owner/society
  • Long-term rentals
  • Pottery/art workshop addition

Cheese Plant

  • Community and commercial kitchen
  • Educational classes and workshops
  • Community kitchen projects & concession
  • Emergency response food relief
  • Large-scale food storage
  • Food processing (includes cheese-making, creating Gabriola Brand

Goat Barn

  • Performances
  • Rehearsal space
  • Movies
  • Large venue public meetings
  • Church services/weddings
  • Exhibition space
  • Educational classes/workshops/forums
  • Storage space (stage sets etc.)
  • Rentals for all of the above

New infill (between kitchen workshop and goat barn)

  • Bathrooms (to Code for Assembly etc. occupancies)
  • Storage
  • mall-scale conservancy for horticulture, community dining,meeting space, classes

Land adjacent to Goat Barn & Cheese Plant

  • Exhibition space
  • Outdoor gatherings
  • Concerts (with bandshell)/dances/performances/movies
  • Teaching
  • Craft/demonstration fair
  • Picnics/play area
  • Skateboard park
  • Farmgate sales

Land around Main House

  • Public and private gatherings
  • Rentals for above
  • overnight camping/accommodation for participants in farm/workshop events


  • Public wheelchair-accessible footpath linking Redwood Road and FolkLife Village
  • Redwood Loop boardwalk at Goodhue Creek

Constructed Wetland

  • Treatment of effluent from Commons and adjacent properties (in accordance with BCOSSA guidelines and relevant codes.)