Callout for volunteers to form a Project Task Force for a 10 kW Solar Panel project on the Gabriola Commons. If this interests you, come to a meeting at 1 pm, on Thursday, December 11, upstairs in the Commons.


Over the past year the Commons has been working in collaboration with the non-profit society, GabEnergy,on a project to harness solar energy through photovoltaic panels and have fine tuned a proposal for a 10 kilowatt array on the Commons, positioned for optimal efficiency.

This is intended to be a demonstration project, both in the installation process as a community workshop and in the display of information to all interested in the viability of solar energy.We hope to show that such a bank of solar panels can significantly offset our consumption of electricity and anticipate offering community benefits such as a charging station for electric vehicles.

Bullfrog Builds, a company exploring various alternative energy models, supports community initiatives such as ours.An application to them for fundingby the Commons Grant-writing Teamhas been successful.They have indicated their willingness to fund 50% of our budgeted costs if we are able to find a community-based source to match their contribution.To this end we have submitted a proposal to fund the balance under the Community Works program, funded by the Federal Gas Tax Fund and administered locally by the Regional District of Nanaimo.

As the final agreement is being drawn up for approval by the Directors of the RDN, the next step is being undertaken: the formation of a project task force committed to oversee the project through to completion.

Note on the Commons process

When a new project emerges on the Commons it is initially reviewed by several Commons Teams (such as Sharing the Commons and Long Range Planning), then is discussed at Council to ensure there is support for it. The Grant Writing Team then searches for funding based on preliminary planning and design work. The next step is the formation of a project task force,consisting of representatives from relevant Commons teams, as well as community members with knowledge and interest in the specific project.

You are invited to come on December 11 to hear more.