Miniature garden (youth

1st Tansi Robinson
2nd Aylan Vincent
Hon. Mention: Moira Wishinski adn Annie Wishinski

Fair Day mixed arrangement

1st Veronica Hartman
2nd Sue Boulton
3rd Dee Perkins
Hon. Mention: Jackie Hexley

3 diff. varieties of same

1st Dee Perkins
Hon. Mention: Watercliff Farm

Mixed planter

1s tLottie Anderson

Best Single Bloom

1st Veronica Hartman

Dahlia arrangement

1st Earl’s Dahlia
2nd Veronica Hartman
3rd Dee Perkins

Herb arrangement

1st Claire Lefebvre
1st Earl’s Dahlia
1stJ ackie Hexley
Hon. Mention: Sue Boulton

Dried arrangement

1st Jackie Hexley
2nd Ester Bailey
3rd Alison Fitzgerald

Weed arrangement

Hon. Mention: Veronica Hartman


Mixed vegetables

1st Leslie McMahon
2nd Watercliff Farm
3rd Watercliff Farm
3rd Sean and Angie Lewis

Mixed fruit

1st Watercliff Farm (for impressive variety &presentation)
2nd Lesley McMahon (for large variety, attractive fruit)

Best of 3 vegetables

1st Good Earth
2nd Good Earth
3rd Good Earth
Hon. mention: Good Earth, Robert Stutzman,Emily Macomber

Best of 3 fruits

1st Elly Hallam (excellent flavour & appearance)
2nd Robin & Nick Hock (aroma and flavour)
3rd Renay(Ground Cherry Tomatillo -Sweet tropical flavour)

Unusual fruit

1st Cherryl Bailey (wow)
2nd Lynn Bowerman (different)
3rd Lottie Anderson (cute)
Hon Mention: Earl’s Dahlia

Biggest Pumpkin

1st Earl’s Dahlia (huge)
2nd Dee Perkins (weight and shape)
3rd Rainer Tritt (colour)

Biggest Squash

1st Rainer Tritt (for size & shape)
2nd Lynn Bowerman (for symmetry and weight)
3rd Joyce Ashley (for beauty)

Biggest other vegetable

1st Cabbage -Earl’s Dahlia
2nd Cabbage -John Peirce
3rd Beets -Sue Boulton
Hon. Mention: Potato -Carol Ann Borden

Smallest vegetable

1st Dee Perkins (for presentation and size)
2nd Cherryl Bailey (for size)

Vegetable art (youth)

1st London Hock
2nd Rowyn Vincent